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– My non-negotiables wereyou have to be at church and you have to know Jesus, you have to be able to love dogs as well.

– There were things that Ididn't care as much about, because, hey, he's cute.

(upbeat music) – So they have to like want a family or at least want one or two kids.

– Honestly, if they'rea Dallas Cowboys fan, it's just not gonna work.

No, in all reality, the good question just in looking at thislist is, am I this? Do I have good community? Am I invested in a local church? Am I making financial wise decisions? Am I rooted in Christ? (upbeat music) – Good morning Sandals Church.

(congregation clapping) Good morning.

Thank you to all those families who are helping grow Sandals Church.

Yeah, man, it's fun to, it'sfun to grow your family.

It's hard to raise a family, amen? Had to be really carefulwhat I was gonna say there.

(congregation laughing) Hey, we're in a seriescalled “Non-negotiables”, it's a series about love.

Look, if you're a young person, lemme ask you a question, do you have a list? Do you have a list ofwhat's non-negotiable? Have you ever sat down andsaid, “What am I willing “to accept when it comes to love? “What am I not willing to accept?” What is something that ifa guy says this, I go no, absolutely not? What if, guys, and know guys have a list, it's just, she's hot, that's it.

Then everything else isa big blur after that, you need to have a list.

Listen to me guys, the devil's beautiful, and you might marry her.

(congregation laughing) Same is true for you gals.

Look, if you're single, you haven't screwed upyet, you don't have to.

If you're divorced, youdon't have to do it again, you can learn, right? You can learn.

God has a list of non-negotiables, and in this series it's aboutfinding the love you need.

You know what most of our problems is? Is we're looking for the love we want.

And we're not lookingfor the love we need.

God knows what you wantand He knows what you need.

And He's gonna teach you tolook after a kind of love that you need, so that youcan have the life you want.

This is the firstnon-negotiable in this series.

I think every one's gonna blow your mind.

I'm guessing this isn't on anyone's list, but you're wrong, God's right, this is the most importantquality when it comes to love, and this needs to be on everybody's list.

Write it down, I needa love that can listen.

Married people, you ever felt unheard? You ever felt unheard? Come on, ladies, it can't justbe a guy given me an amen.

(congregation laughing) You ever felt unheard, ladies? You ever felt ignored? You ever felt missed? You know why that is? We don't teach our men to listen.

– [Congregant] Amen.

(congregation laughing) – Ladies, you're not muchbetter, but you are better.

We need a love that can listen.

Proverbs 31 is a chapter on love.

A lot of you women have beentold the Bible's written by men, it's all about men, it's trying to maintaina patriarchal society.

Listen, a lot of theBible is written by men.

This chapter is written bya woman, how do you know? She tells us.

Listen, my son, listen, son of my womb.

Contrary to current thinking, men don't have wombs.

(congregation laughing) Just women have wombs, justwomen give birth to kids.

Lemme tell you something, women have a deeper connection with their children, becausethey grow inside them and they are connected to them.

When my wife and I go on vacation, day three, she wants to talk to our kids.

Listen to me, day three, I forgot we have kids.

(congregation laughing) She says, “Do you wanna talk to your son?” I'm like, “No, that'swhy we're on vacation.

” (congregation laughing) She wants to check in, she loves them, she cares for them.

She says, “Listen my son, listen my son.

” Why does she say it twice? Is any woman in here raising a boy? They don't even hear thefirst time, amen moms? This is how it sounds in the Hebrew, (speaks in foreign language), and it's actually, “What, son, what?” Which means listen, before I make you listen.

Listen, my son, listen my son, son of my womb, listen my son.

Ah, this is so sweet, the answer to my prayers.

Isn't it amazing howmothers love their sons? I have to remind my wife, “Hey, I'm number one.

“Hey, hey.

” They love their boys.

Don't spend your strength on women, why? Women understand women.

Listen to me, guys, yougotta listen to women, 'cause they can sniff outthe devil before you can.

They know, I don't like her.

You're like, “Why?” I just know.

(congregation laughing) Do not spend your strength on women, nor your vigor on thosewho, circle this word, ruin kings.

I don't care how talented you are, or how talented you think you are, or how much your mama loves you, your love life can screw up your life.

And it happens all over the world today.

People following theirhearts invite destruction.

I need a love that can listen.

We talked about last week, and if you missed last week, go back to it and I explain these Greek words more thoroughly, but the Greeks had four ideas for love.

Many languages and manycultures have different words for love.

In English, we got one word, I love you, I love pizza.

And sometimes you findout they love pizza more than they loved you.

But the Greeks had four words for love and the first word is eros.

Eros is a romantic sexual love, and here's the problem with eros, you need a love that can listen, eros doesn't listen to anyone.

It is blind, right? You ever heard that, love is blind? It's also deaf, it doesn't listen, it doesn't listen, it is so powerful, it is so strong, andmany people fall in love with a person they findout they don't like.

And you say stupid things, “We have so much in common.

” Like what? We like vacation.

We like walks on the beach.

We like sips of wine.

Who doesn't? So do serial killers.

Right? And we just say stupid things.

Love makes you blind when it's eros, it literally lowers your IQ, whatever it is, it drops.

– [Congregant] Amen.

– And you just like, “I love you.

” It doesn't listen, itdoesn't listen to friends, it doesn't listen to family.

It doesn't listen to God.

We're in love, we're gonna get married.

You don't even have a job.

We're gonna live on love.

(congregation laughing) Okay, that's gonna last eight minutes.

Then what are you gonna do? Listen, if you're a young person, you can learn nothing fromsomeone who's fallen in love, but you can learn a lot fromsomeone who's stayed in love.

You can learn nothing fromyour friends on Facebook, find an old couple in our church that can barely walk, butthey've been together, that's love, that's love.

You see, real love outlasts eros.

It does.

This week, or excuse me, last weekend was Valentine's weekend, my grandmother went andmet with my grandfather.

They don't live together anymore.

He doesn't know who she is, he doesn't know who I am, but she went to him on Valentine's Day and I have a pictureof them holding hands, and he's smiling.

They've been married 75 years, they know what love is.

Eros is long gone, butlove is still alive, love is still alive.

Listen to me, young people, that's what you want.

That's a love story.

Storge love, right? It's powerful, it's strong, it's what the mother has for her son.

Listen, my son, listen to my son.

Listen, son of my womb, son of my prayers, storge love listens to parents and family.

You gotta learn to listento your family members, you gotta learn to listen to your dad, you gotta learn to listen to your mom.

Listen to me, one of thereasons I am doing this series is 'cause I have two daughterswho are ready to date and get married.

And listen to me, guys, I'mconcerned, not about them.

(congregation laughing) I'm concerned about you guys.

And I told my daughters, you cannot date a guy unless he asks me.

You gotta see theseguys, (fearful moaning).

I'm like, “You're notasking me to marry you, “you're just asking to takemy daughter out on a date.

” They're terrified.

And I told my daughters, “If he can't face me, “he can't lead you.

” And listen to me, ladies, ifhe is not a husband category, why are you dating him, whyare you wasting your time? Some of you need to dump that chump, amen? (congregation laughing) I mean, not now in service.

(congregation laughing) There's Phileo love.

Phileo love is friendship, right? These are your friends.

If you start datingsomebody, and they tell you that you can't have any friends, that's a jealous love, that's a dangerous love.

Phileo love listens to friends.

Hey, man, I'm concerned.

Hey, man, I'm worried.

But agape love, agape love listens to God.

There's a higher love, there's a different love, it's stronger than eros, itlasts longer then storge, and it's deeper thanphileo, it listens to God.

Here's why listening is a non-negotiable, love must listen because love is learned.

You don't fall in love, you learn how to love.

This is why nobody stays in love.

This is why we're allfascinated with “The Bachelor” or “The Bachelorette”, which is the, just the worst idea ever.

When they fight about who'shere for the right reasons? I'm here for the right reasons.

I don't think she's here for the, I don't think anyone ishere for the right reasons.

(congregation laughing) Love must listen because love is learned.

Proverbs 26, many claims, underline that, many, many claim to have unfailing love, but a faithful person who can find? Why do we let Hollywoodtell us what love is? They're not good at it.

They're not good at it.

Tammy and I went to a movie this week, I told her, I said, “I'm fairlycertain Hollywood hates us.

” You notice how theytake a beautiful movie, it's wonderful, it couldhave an incredible ending and they want you to leave miserable.

What's wrong with them? Maybe they don't know about love.

The Book of Proverbs says many claim to have an unfailing love, oh, but a faithful person who can find? Do you know what that means? True love is faithful, true love lasts, true love goes to a nursing home when your husband doesn'teven know who you are.

– [Congregant] Amen.

– That's true love.

The Book of Proverbs has 31 chapters, 36 times it mentions love.

This is how the Book of Proverbs begins, it ended with a mother talking to her son, it begins in chapter onewith a father talking to his son.

It begins this way, “Oh, my son, listen to me, “listen to me, don't hate my correction.

“Don't forsake your mother's instruction.

” And it ends in Proverbs 31 with, “Oh, son, “son of my womb, son ofmy prayers, listen to me.

” You see, some of you are fooled and you think love is for the young only.

Listen to me, it's the old and experienced who know what love is, andthat's who you need to listen to.

Love must listen because love is learned.

And we're told, “Oh, you'll know when you know.

” “Oh, you'll just fall into love.

” No, you're gonna fall in a hole, that's what you're gonna fall in.

Love must listen because love is learned, write this down, love must be taught.

You gotta teach people howto love, you gotta show 'em.

You gotta instruct 'em.

That's why it's so important, we just did a family dedication, you need to bring your kids here so we can teach them how to love.

And they need to learnhow to love from God.

Because God is love, and the Bible says this is what love is, it's not that you loved, it's that God loved us andHe shared that with us.

Love must be taught.

Titus 2:4, these older women, and you can pray about itif this is you, ladies, I'm not gonna point it out, but I'm gonna say ifyou ask, “Is that me?” It probably is.

Like if you question it, it's you.

(congregation laughing) these older women musttrain the younger women, ooh, this is interesting, older women must train the younger women to love their husbands.

– [Congregant] Amen.

– And if you question that, ladies, it's because you're single.

– [Congregant] Amen.

– You will love the guyuntil you marry him.

And then you'll be like, “Things need to change.

” (congregation laughing) The older women musttrain the younger women to love their husbands, and their children, what? You know why? You don't have 'em.

There's a reason God makes children cute, so we don't kill them.

(congregation laughing) Tammy and I went out on a date, no kids, it's wonderful, it's wonderful, no kids.

And there's a couple, they met together and they got their kid andtheir child has just learned it has a voice.

All through dinner it'sdoing this, 'Ah, ah.

” And that's cute twice.

And then the third timeyou're like, “Slay the child.

” (congregation laughing) Their whole dinner, the kidis like a dolphin, screaming.

It's summoning whalesin the Pacific Ocean.

It's horrible, they can't even eat.

It's going to shatter glass.

Listen to me, if you havechildren under five, I love you, but you're on the threshold of hell.

(congregation laughing) Every single day is a battle.

If you're here at church, praise God, you survived.

It's true, isn't it, parents? Every single day you pleadwith your children not to try to die, that'stheir mission every day.

(congregation laughing) I must die today, father.

And parents have to commit together to try to prevent their death, and they're mad at you when you intervene.

Right, they try to puttheir finger in the socket, and you say, “No, ” and they're like, “Oh, you're a terrible parent.

” (congregation laughing) And there's part of youthat's like, “Well, try it.

” (congregation laughing) These older women musttrain the younger women to love their husbands.

You know what, love is hard.

Love is challenging.

I don't even like beingwith myself all day, much less another person.

You get married and you're like, “Wow, you're gonna be around.

” (congregation laughing) I mean, when you have siblings, sometimes you get your own rooms.

In marriage, that's not true.

Tammy and I share a room.

She has her closet, and we have mine.

(congregation laughing) I'm always having to make roomfor her stuff in my closet.

(congregation laughing) The builders should changeit, it's not his and hers, it's hers and theirs.

The older women musttrain the younger women to love their husbands and their children.

Some of you, you don't evenrealize why you go to church.

Some of you didn't evenwanna go to church today, but you're here.

Here's why you need to go to church, because you need to learn how to love.

And the world won't teach you, the world will not teach you, the world will teach youwhat you want to hear, they will not teach youwhat you need to hear.

Here's what Paul says to ayoung pastor named Timothy, he says, “The purpose of my instruction.

” This guy wrote half ofthe Christian Bible, he wrote half.

He's way smarter than you, he's probably thesmartest Christian, ever.

You say, “Why do youknow that, Pastor Matt?” Because God asked him towrite half the New Testament, and He didn't ask you.

– [Congregant] Amen.

– He says the purpose of my instruction, this is the guy who wrotehalf your Christian Bible, here's why he's writing, here'swhy he writes these letters, here's why he has theseteachings, these sayings, here's why he wants us to meet, to gather, to be in community group, to worship, here's the point, the purpose of my instruction is that all believers would be filled.

I want you to circle that word.

Do you know why you need to be filled? Because you're empty.

Every single week you run out of love.

Every single week you run out of love for people you swore youwould never not love, you run out of love.

You run out of love for your husband, your wife, your kids, your family, your friends.

Sometimes you run out of love for me, you're like, “Oh, just wrap it up.

” (congregation laughing) The purpose of my instructionis that all believers, that's you, would be filled with love.

Not love that comes from eros, not love that comes from storge, not love that comes from phileo, but agape love thatcomes from a pure heart.

God is the one person in the universe that never wants to use you, He wants to deliver you.

It comes from a pure heartwith a clear conscience.

You see, God's love doesn'tjust change your heart, it forgives your sins.

Some of you are so heavy, so broken, so overwhelmed with sin, and Jesus is begging youto let Him take that away.

But God only cleanses what we confess.

If you won't share it, Jesus won't heal it.

That all believers wouldbe filled with a love that comes from a pureheart, a clear conscience and a genuine faith.

Not everybody that claims tobe a Christian is a Christian.

Even people that areon christianmingle.


(congregation laughing) the Bible says love is patient, and love is kind.

That's the first sentence.

You know what the first sentence about God's love teaches me? I have a lot to learn.

I'm impatient every day.

I lose my mind on a regularbasis waiting for my wife.

She's always concerned I'm gonna be late.

It's like, “Come on, babe, let's go.

” Look at the next word, loveis patient and love is kind.

Anybody raising childrenthat were just born kind? My kids were born biters, does anybody have a biter? Tammy and I had to go to preschool, we were called into a meeting at preschool and here's what they said, “Ifyour child continues to bite, “we will not allow yourchild in preschool.

” My kids were biters.

One day after church Igot called into the back, into Children's Ministry, thisis we need to talk to you.

And I said, “What happened?” “Your son bit someone.

” Can you imagine you come to church for the first time andyou bring your child, and you dress them up, (congregation laughing) they're so cute and you put'em in Children's Ministry and they're attacked by a dinosaur? And then they ask you, “Oh, it must have been somebody “who came to church for the first time “and they hadn't raisedtheir child to be loving.

” No, no, it was the pastor's son.

(congregation laughing) He brutally attacked our child.

(congregation laughing) I never sat my kids down and said, “This is how you bite another child.

” (congregation laughing) You see, you don't teachchildren to be selfish, you don't teach children to be violent, you don't take your kidto the playground and say, “Now you run and shove that girl.

” They just do it.

You don't teach your daughters, “This is how you gossip “about another girl onInstagram so she cries “and never wants to go to school again.

” But they do it.

Love is patient, love itkind, love is not jealous.

Love is not boastful.

Some of you are already out.

Strike one, strike two, you're out.

It's not proud or rude.

Those are the things I'm good at.

It doesn't demand its own way.

When somebody says, “Ifyou love me, you would, ” we've left the realm of love.

It's not irritable.

It keeps no record of being wronged.

It doesn't rejoice about injustice.

It rejoices when the truth wins out.

It never gives up, it never loses faith, it's always hopeful, it enduresthrough every circumstance.

God says, “You have no idea what love is.

” Next, unloving behavior must be corrected.

Listen to me, parents, Iknow you love your kids, and so you excuse their behavior.

I want you to know that God loves you but He does not excuse your behavior.

Unloving behavior smut becorrected, Revelation 3:19, I correct and discipline every one I love.

You wanna know who said that? That's Jesus Christ.

You know, “That's not the Jesus I know.

” 'Cause you don't know Jesus.

Jesus Christ said, “I correct, “I discipline everyone I love.

” We live in a culture wherediscipline is not loving.

You know what's not loving? Not disciplining, it's not.

If you love someone, you haveto be willing to correct them, you have to be willing to discipline them.

Look, this week in smallgroup and our community group was one of the hardest groups we've had.

You say, “We're talking aboutlove, what could go wrong?” We were talking about love.

Love challenges, lovecorrects, love disciplines.

We had to throw downthe gauntlet this week in small group and say, “Look, man, some of you members “in the group need to do this now.

” And it was rough.

But that's what love does.

Colossians 3:19, husbands love your wives and never treat them harshly.

Listen to me, dads, ifyou don't want your kids to be disrespectful totheir mom, they why do you? Why do you? Never ever speakdisrespectfully to each other, remind yourselves.

Remind yourselves to howmuch you love each other.

Watch your tone, watch how you speak.

Proverbs 13:4, those who spare the rod of discipline hate their children.

Those who love their children care enough to discipline them.

Look, I'm not saying you gotta spank.

I'm not saying you gottahave a rod of justice in your house, that's not what I'm saying.

Every kid is different, every child is different, but lemme tell you something, parents, I know we have a problem in our church because I take your kids to camp.

(congregation laughing) And some of them, they don't believe the word no actually means anything.

Some of your kids hear noand they think it means go.

Every kid is different.

My oldest, all you hadto do was look at her.

Madison, (moaning), and she was repentant.

Broken down, “I'm sosorry, father, I sinned.

” My middle daughter, you couldlook at her all day long, you could yell at her, if you said stop, she would run.

Kid had a death wish.

I don't know what it was, you could talk to her until you were blue in the face.

(ranting) I just give up, come here.

Whack, right on the bottom.

It's like a reset button.

I don't know, it was like right here.

And she was like, “Yes, father, I do now understand.

” (congregation laughing) And I'm like, “Why, why, why do you have “to get the beating?” And she's like, “I don'tknow, I just need them.

” (congregation laughing) Then we had our son, right, boys are different.

You know what he did? He punched his mom.

Oh, I know.

(congregation laughing) I was like, (laughing), and I said, “Son, “you are not the son of my womb.

” (congregation laughing) I literally told him this, I said, “We're gonna make a memory.

” I know, and we did, it was good.

(congregation laughing) Now I don't wanna seeyou on CNN going to jail 'cause you beat your kids.

You're like, “Pastor MattBrown said that's the Lord.

” (congregation laughing) That's not what I'm saying, it's not what I'm saying.

But listen to me, you loveyour kids, the world won't.

You love your kids so you makeexcuses for their behavior, the world won't.

– [Congregant] Amen.

– And you need to help them understand that they need to behave in a loving way and love is patient, love iskind, love is not rude, mom.

It's not rude.

And you need to deal with that.

You need to deal with that.

I tell my kids all thetime, “Change your tone, “or I will help you.

” We gotta speak to each other in love, that's what the Bible says, “Speak truth to one another in love.

” Lastly, romantic love, romantic love must be directed.

You can't just follow your heart, you gotta give your heartto Jesus and follow His.

Romantic love must be directed.

We got a mom and a dad, and both of them areconcerned in their own way, so the mom says, “Oh son, son of my womb, “don't waste your life on women.

” The dad's like, “Bro, listen to me, son, ” right? 'Cause moms talk one way to kids, dads talk another way.

And you need both, you need both.

My son, pay attention to my wisdom.

Listen carefully to my wise counsel.

Why? For the lips of an immoralwoman are as sweet as honey, and her mouth is smoother than oil.

Here's what it means, parents, your little three year old, they're gonna listen to you to a point, and lemme just say, parents, raising children under five, you're in hell, but there'sthis beautiful thing, it's called six to 12, and it's wonderful, and it prepares you fornot-so-wonderful, it's called 13.

(congregation laughing) It's an unholy number.

I'm kidding.

(congregation laughing) But you gotta talk to yourkids while they still listen to you, because there's gonna be a point where they listen to erosand they tune you out.

My son, listen to me, payattention to my wisdom, listen carefully to my wise counsel, for the lips of an immoralwoman are sweet as honey and her mouth is smoother than oil.

And, oh by the way, so are guy's lips.

So are guy's lips.

But in the end, she is as bitter poison.

Just because you're thirsty, doesn't mean you should drink poison.

I know you want love, I know you do.

Let God teach you how todrink it, or you'll die.

In the end she is as bitter as poison, as dangerous as a double-edged sword.

Her feet go down to what? Death.

Her steps lead straight to the grave, for she cares nothingabout the path to life.

We call Sandals the Sandals Church because following Jesus is a journey.

We follow His sandals, wefollow in His footsteps, we follow in His life.

We do not follow the life andin the footsteps of others.

You are either on the path of life, or you are on the path of death.

She staggers down a crookedtrail, underline this, and she does not realize it.

Not everybody that'sgoing to hell realizes they're on the road to hell.

Some people think theyare on the road to heaven.

Stay away from her, don't gonear the door of her house.

If you do, you will lose your honor, lose your merciless, youwill lose to merciless people all that you've achieved.

Love destroys families, love destroys careers, love destroys life, if you're not careful.

Strangers will consume your wealth, and someone else will enjoythe fruit of your labor, and in the end, you will groan in anguish when disease consumes your body.

3, 000 years ago whenthe world knew nothing of sexually transmitteddiseases, God did, God did.

And some of you don't know this, but AIDS still takes more lives in America each year than guns.

They just don't advertise it.

Do you understand that? In our state, sexuallytransmitted diseases are at an all-time high.

Do you know why? Morality is at an all-time low.

And people don't walkaround with a, you know, flashing light on their forehead, “I have a sexually transmitted disease.

” That would be nice.

In the end you will groan in anguish when disease consumes your body.

Listen to me, whetheryou're gay, straight, or bi, God has a plan for yourlife that is different than your desires.

And we live in a world that said, “God would never give you erotic feelings “that He did not want you to act on, ” that is because they'venever read the Bible.

Or they have never read it honestly.

We all have erotic desires, that if we act on them, that if we follow them, they will ruin our lives.

Following Jesus will never ruin your life.

It will save your soul andit will bless your life.

Some of you guys don't know this, but the man who is accreditedwith writing these words, his name is Solomon.

The Bible says he isthe wisest man on earth, and we know he was the stupidest man when it came to women.

You see, he had wisdom in some areas and he was ignorant and foolish in others.

It's why his wife, at the end, says, “Do not ruin your life “as some kings do.

” Because Solomon ruined his life because he followed the desires of eros, rather than the desires of God.

Here's what he says, here's a guy who's had thousands of women, thousands of sexual escapades, here's what he says to his son.

He says, “Drink water from your own well, “share your love only with your wife.

“Why spill the water of yoursprings into the streets, “having sex with just anyone? “You should reserve it for yourselves.

” He's talking about marriage.

“Never share it with a stranger.

“Let your wife be a fountainof blessing for you.

“Rejoice in the wife of your youth.

” As you age, you don't look the same.

That's true, it's why Godblesses us with poor eyesight.

(congregation laughing) You just remember.

(congregation laughing) He says, “Let your wife be afountain of blessing for you.

“Rejoice in the wife of your youth.

“She is a loving deer and a graceful doe.

“Let her breasts satisfy you always.

“May you always becaptivated by her love.

” Tammy and I were at a meeting last week and she was running themeeting and I was listening.

And there were just a couple of moments where I caught her outof the corner of my eye and I remembered when she caught my eye, almost 30 years ago.

Here's the truth about marriage, it's a lot of work, it'sa lot of challenges, and there's not alwaystime for eros and romance, but there are moments.

And I saw her and then I watched her and then I saw it again, and then I saw it again.

And after the meeting we drove home and I said, “Tonight, babe, while you were talking “and while you were running the meeting, “I was blown away athow beautiful you are.

” We've been married 24 years.

I watched her sink intoher chair and gush.

And she said, “You have no idea how much “that means to you, to me.

” She said, “I love hearing “that you still think I'm beautiful.

” And I said, “This isgonna be a good night.

” (congregation laughing) (congregation clapping) Right? The old buck is awakened.

(congregation laughing) Listen to me, this iswhat God wants for you, God wants you to be committed to someone who is committed to you.

No matter what, throughgood times and bad, for better or worse, until death do you part.

You see this ring that I wear? It's a commitment, notjust to her, but to God.

– [Congregant] Amen.

– And I plan on wearing thisuntil death takes me home or death takes her home, because that's what agape love demands.

It's what God has for you.

(congregation clapping) Amen? (congregation clapping) And I know some of youdon't believe it's possible and that's because you don't know God.

You don't know God, you have no idea what He has in store for you.

If you wanna experience this love, you have to make a commitment today to listen, to listen.

And Jesus was asked what's themost important commandment, some of you know it, does anybody know it? Say it out loud.


Love the Lord your Godwill all your heart, soul, mind and strength.

That's the Christian version.

In Hebrew it begins with a different word.

Listen, it's called the shama.

When Jesus is asked what's themost important commandment, He recites the shama.

And shama in Hebrew means listen, listen.

Hear, oh Israel, listen, oh Israel, the Lord your God is one, and you must love the Lord your God with all your heart, allyour soul and all your mind.

You see love begins with listening.

Let's pray.

Heavenly Father, we thank You for today.

We thank You for the opportunity to listen to You.

We pray in the mighty name of Jesus, God, right now, that Youwould heal broken hearts that have been shatteredby love, broken by love, and betrayed by love.

And I pray, right now, theywould make a commitment to listen to Your love, to listen to Your commands and to learn from You.

And, Lord, for those who are single, I pray that they develop alist and it starts with this, they will not marry or date anyone who does not listen to You.

I pray this in Jesus name, amen.

Love you Sandals Church.

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