FitFlop iQushion Ergonomic Flip Flop Sandal

it's the flip no it's a fit flop football yeah you can do an either way fit flop flip flop or it's a flip flop buy fit flop it is a pitch flop flip flop you got everybody Oh sixteen dollars on a credit card if you are going to

wear any fit flop flip flop you want to wear this one because remember does your flip flop have the APM a seal of approval or acceptance I think not stick flops or flip flops my goodness isn't he finds a tongue-twister flip flops are really never good for your

feet these promote good foot health go figure let's do colors before I keep screwing this up let's talk colors because we've got the great snake so snake prints and then we also have the great solid colors as well so on the beautiful Makita in that gorgeous dress I

think Nikita's wearing got the black leopard on so it has the black foot bed and then Oh Nikita sorry she has the gold she is the gold and then on Donna she's wearing the black leopard we also have it available in the snake prints if you come here

there it is so this is the one Nikita is wearing in the gold here is your silver snake these are called snake so gold snake silver snake and then we've got is this bronze cuts bronze bronze snake you see that it looks like a snake print so cool

here's your black leopard then we've got the solid gold there's your coral and then your navy zero eight seven five oh eight whole sizes only you know I have taken spills like I've fallen in flip-flops they're never really good for your feet because you really think you're pounding

the pavement every single day these actually are meant to promote good foot health so if you're gonna wear a flip-flop at all make it this one and this is interesting because everybody has a pair of flip-flops but most people go to the dollar store and they're spending five

and ten dollars on a pair of flip-flops and people tell me that they wear them all day long and you if you think about it why wouldn't you want to wear something that feels great and looks great so we came out with our version and the difference is

you can see just on their feet it's not completely flat to the ground so it's not going to wear down after a couple where's you can see the arch so it's going to support the arch here we have these really great we call them impact pillows and it's

just giving you extra cushioning both in the heel and in the forefoot so you're not wearing that flat to the ground flip-flop you're actually wearing something with a little bit of a contour it's gonna give you just that slight lift but it's still a flip-flop and then my

favorite part about this is it's fun you make it fun you can do it metallics are fantastic it's really become a core basic so you can do it in an all-over metallic something that'll look great with swimwear and then these have just been amazing snakes are adorable so

once again if you're choosing if you want that fun little pop of leg or arm right that's the technical term you can choose the silver here's your gold and then we also have it in the bronze okay so those are your snake prints we also have it available

in the black leopard if you're loving the print that you want the the solid bottom this is the black leopard we also have the gold the coral in the Navy $32 these are a waterproof design so it's definitely the one you want to wear to the beach the

one you want to wear when you're boating cuz you know if it falls in the water you know it's gonna probably float sixteen dollars on a credit card payment free shipping and handling there are girls that especially if you live in the hotter States like we do here

there are women I know that all they wear year-round glops year-round yes absolutely why not wear one that actually is giving you a little more it goes through the same vetting process although it is just a flip-flop and most people as I mentioned just run to the store

and pick up a pair and you don't really give a lot of thought to it at the end of the day when you wonder why your feet ache why the balls of your feet ache and it's because you've been in your flip-flops you want the ease of it

and we give you that it's the same construction in terms of an upper and what it looks like but it's going through the same fit flop trials and the same doctors on staff who are looking at this and then we bring it out each season in really fun

colors you have a core basic you have these really beautiful neutrals and then fun prints on the footbed so it has great shelf appeal it looks great on and she's got it on with the maxi dress and it looks absolutely adorable with you know I different print that

she's even mixed together I think that as we get older as women we get so much wiser you know and I think I hope so I got right and I think that you know there comes a point in your life where you don't want you know the the

teenage girl t-shirt and you don't want you know the flip-flops that the young girls are wearing that they bought at the corner pharmacy you know you need a little more if you're gonna spend your hard-earned money you need a little more this is a little more this is

a flip-flop but that's actually promoting good foot health your other flip-flops are not cutting it this one still has that APM a seal of acceptance and that's a big deal because we can buy any shoes we want but not all of them get this that's a big deal

at and and fit flip wears it with pride there's a reason it's become a huge brand there's a reason so many of you will call or write to us or leave reviews and say oh my gosh it's like my tenth pair or I have 15 pairs oh my

gosh I still have my original because they last so long so try this out especially if you're looking for a more affordable way to dip your toe into the fit flop world that's a great pun that's been making fun of me I'm actually awake today people I'm awake

at the wheel and this is gonna follow your natural foots motion it's gonna it's economically correct it's gonna give you that cushioning in the arch we have as I mentioned the impact pillow so you're getting that extra cushioning but it is a it is a flip flop so

it's meant to be super lightweight and flexible its packable of these throw it in your bag take it to the beach where I like that these can get wet you know cuz there are places like if you go to the gym a lot or you go to the

spas and you do the saunas I hate to walk in barefoot to those places great or if even you know hey sometimes you're looking for an affordable like hotel if you go on vacation and you have a huge family and you're trying to keep the cost low yeah

you know you'll walk in and you'll be like not the quality I expected so that's the one I'm wearing the shoes on the carpet I'm wearing the shoes into the shower you know this is speaking to your point a great packable vacation shoe this is I mean really

feather-light you know you almost feel the support the way this shoe under your foot you know am I gonna be jogging doing exercise and probably not but you know you feel that it gives you more than an ordinary flip-flop and so I hope you try these out today

sixteen dollars on a credit card free shipping they're so cute to know I really just leave by the door I mean you mentioned you're not you're not gonna be out jogging in no but maybe when you get back from jogging and you take off your trainers what do

you want to throw on I have a plethora of them so that you can wear them with different outfits I throw them in my bag I do travel them even to work I will throw them in my bag so that I have them if I'm going you know

for a walk after work or if I'm going for a stroll at lunch they're as comfortable as the rest of our sandals had a really great price with a really fun print less height on this one a lot of times the sandals have a little more than an

inch this one is literally a one inch flat molded unit so it's almost like a little bit thicker or it's like what you wish your favorite pancake was like just a little fat it's got just that a little bit to give out the cushioning so that you don't

have the foot fatigue at the end of the day or the knee fatigue or the back fatigue leads into the other brand Stephanie right is about pressure defusing the whole technology proposition is about is about pressure diffusion and everything that we've seen so far today has that Evie

a midsole so hits the lightweight very flexible great flex cruise and it's all a PMA approved that's oh that's a wonderful seal of approval to have across the board whether you're going for the triple density the single density you know and the eye cushion you have those impact

pillows but it's still a single density Evie a so it's not super thick as some of the other so of the styles if you want something that's a little that impact pillow impact cover I need impact pillows for everything in my life it would have been nice the

day I save the turtle Jared instead of falling on my hand if I had an impact pillow zero eight seven five oh eight is your fit flop flip flop yeah I did it 69