Crochet Sandals onto Flip Flops | Tutorial Tuesday Ep. 95

hello crafters I hope you're having anawesome Tuesday welcome to this week's tutorial it's Amanda here at craftersautonomous and today I've got a crochet project where we take a normal pair offlip-flops and turn them into these fun sandals a quick word before we jump intothe actual tutorial it I did have some technical difficulties filming thisvideo so there are a couple spots where it gets a little blurry however don'tlet that stop you from watching the videoI barely clearly walked through and talked through all the steps also in thedescription below you can find a written pattern for the steps for crocheting theheel of our project so between the explanations that I give as I'm workingon the project and the description with the pattern you should be able to pieceit together even though a couple spots the focus goes a little bit wonky solet's jump into this project so let's start off by getting our materials I'vegot obviously a pair of flip-flops being repaired that I found a Publix they wereon sale at the end of the season and they're really nice because they've gotthis plasticky firm sole but of course you can just get you know the Walmartkind or a pair from the dollar store that would work totally fine as wellnext we need our yarn I am using some cotton yarn and in particular I'm usingI love this cotton yarn from Hobby Lobby which as a side note I really like thiswas one of my first times using it and I really like this turn I was very happywith it we will need so there's obviously for our tails of yarn but alsoto get this out of here you will need a needle and thread because I feel likehere we're first going to sew around the shoe to create something out we cancrochet in and then of course you need our crochet hook which I will be using aUS size II 3.

5 millimeter hook the first steps are prepping the shoe for me thatinvolves cutting this out you will need to cut out your flip-flop straps if youhave a plastic kind of course you can just cut them and pop the little roundpart off on the bottom but I'm going to clean this up and thencome back once your flip-flop is prepped it is time for my least favorite part ofthis whole process which is the sewing part essentially what we're going to dois we're going to sew loops with thread all the way along and then we will beable to crochet into that so to do that I've got a small needle and you don'twant to go with too big of a neo because there are little puncher holes reallybig and it'll weird the flip-flop down more and I've just got some thread and acoordinating color you can either go for a color that matches your flip-flop baseor one that matches your yarn doesn't really matter I'm going to thread myneedle and I'd like to double it up so we're running two threads through ourtime just for extra strength I'm just gonna pull a big long section of threadnot too long a little get tangle and gonna get harder but long enough so youcan get a good way around the shoe cut my thread and then tie my ends togetherI'll do a couple knots here just basic overhand knots I just had a knot and nowI have a big loop of thread with a needle at the end so I wanted to strikejust arbitrarily along the side by the heel here and for me my flip-flops arenice because they have these holes and I'm going to use those as a guide of howfar is part to space my stitching if you don't have something like that on yourshoe you can go ahead and use a ruler to mark even spacing around but what I'mgoing to do is I'm going to come in just a little ways away from the edge and youleave enough of the sole on the sides that way don't just tear through theside but I'm gonna come through kind of at an angle and I want my name's I'llcome out partway down the side of my shoe see the needle coming through rightthere I'm going to push it all the way through you may want to symbol for thisproject going to pull it all the way to the end and then I'm going to run myneedle through the loop of your and just stuff to secure it in placeand this first one we're going to cinch it up a little bit so the rest of ourstitching though we don't want to cinch it up or else it'll be too tight for usto get our crochet hook underneath so I'm just kind of going along one stitchevery row of these dots I'll go to my next spot come in and come out down theside because I'm saying when I pull this throughI don't want to set you down like that I want to leave it loose about like thatand if you leave it loose it would make your life so much easier when you comethrough and crochet on my first shoe I didn't leave it loose enough and so itwas a lot harder to come under with the crochet hook so we were losing yourloops loose so it's easier to crochet and essentially just going to keep doingthis come from the top and out the side keep almost like a whip stitch where Ijust kind of spirals like that and just keep stitching along the edge so I havethese loops that I can crochet my shoe on I'm gonna work all the way around theshoe and then I will show you how to rupture crochet this project so forreference here as I'm talking about I'm keeping these loops loose you might likea little messy but it will all even out once we start crocheting around now I'veonly got a little ways around the shoe I've got one ways to go but you will getbetter and then we'll get to the fun crocheting part so now I have stitchedall the way around my shoe as you can see we left it fairly loose we willeasily be able to get our crochet hook under there so let's get our crochethook and our yarn and the first step is we're going to just slip stitch along tocreate a border so I like to start by making a slipknot and putting it on myhook and then I'm gonna come to the side and I like to start just kind of in thisinner arch side because I feel like you don't notice it as much when it's allsaid and done also my tail ends of thread I just woke up underneath thestitching and that all get hidden as we crochet around so what I need to do isI'm gonna pick two stitches to start and I'm going to insert my hook under bothstitches and then I'm going to yarn over and work a slip knot now I recommendworking this somewhat loosely as you go around but you do want to stick with asmall hook size so you can easily get under the stitching then I will go to mynext two stitches come under both of them with my hot yarn overand work a slipknot and I will keep working this around going under the nexttwo stitches working a slip knot until I get all the way back to where I startedand then I will do a slip stitch to join you do want to make sure with yourtension though that you leave it loose enough so that way they're not allbunched up they pull a slip stitch through I like to kind of stretch it outa little bit so we can get our hook all the way over to the next stitch so you can start to get a feel for whatwe're doing all the way around our flip-flop edge so at this point I haveslip stitch nearly all the way around if we look right here it's a three-morthread stitching's and i have been working in – but that's okay I will justwork in one for this next stitch and then working – for my last one lastthing I'm going to do is just slip stitch in my very first lip stitch tojoin the round and then once I've slipped stitch them togetherI will fasten off of course we will eventually need to weave in those endsbut won't worry about that later on so now that we have crocheted all the wayaround our shoe the next thing is going to be to add the heel now just a couplequick notes on this I'm gonna size seven and a halfit's flip-flop so that's a size 9 and you may wear a completely different sizeshoe that's okay I'm going to walk you through what I do to make it fit me andI'll kind of tell you how you can adjust it so the first thing we want to do iswe want to find roughly the mill stitch on the heel and I'm going to put astitch counter in it just to make this next part a little easier then I'm goingto count 13 stitches to the side so this is the part what you will adjust it ifyour foot is a little smaller you waive wanted to do say just 11 stitches to theside if your foot a little larger you may want to go up to 15 stitches and youmay need to do the first couple of rows a few times to kind of get a feel forwhat it will look like so you can decide what fit you want but I'm going to count13 away from this so 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 and you want to make sureit's roughly even with your other shoe so they stay balanced that's pretty evenalso if you make adjustments on my basis pattern here you may want to write thosedown so you do the same thing when you make the second shoe but regardlesswe're going to put a slip knot on our hot come to that stitch that's 13 awayfrom the back middle and we're going to insert and just the back loop just thattop loop yarn over and pull up a loop yarn over pull through two and work ourfirst single crochet stitch now I'm going to work a single crochet in thenext 12 stitches out as well working in just that back once I've worked 13 single crochet I'mgoing to work a single crochet increase in this middle stitch that I marked fromthe beginning so again the back loop nicely just means I'm going to work twosingle crochet stitches in this same spot and then the rest of this row isgoing to mirror what we've done so far and we're going to crush single crochet13 stitches so that is the first row for my heel for my second row I'm going tochain 1 and then turn my work and I'm going to work one single crochet in eachof the next 13 stitches and next I'm going to work through both loops of myprevious row then in the next two stitches I'm going to work a singlecrochet increase so two single crochet in this next stitch and two singlecrochet in the following stitch and then to finish the row I will work 13 singlecrochet until I reach the end of the row for rows 3 4 5 & 6 I'm just going totake single crochet evenly along and there will be a total of 30 singlecrochet so let me complete the next four rows and then I'll show you what we dofor rosettes so now that I've worked rows 3 through 6 where I just workedsingle crochet evenly for a total of 30 single crochet we're gonna move on torow 7 so you start by chaining one and turning my work like we do at thebeginning of every row so I'm going to work a single crochet in my first stitchand then I'm going to work a single crochet decrease I do this by insertingmy hook pulling up a loop and second my look in the next stitch point up a loopyarn over and pulling through all three loops then I'm going to work just onesingle crochet in the next 9 spaces then I'm going to work a single crochetincrease in my neck space so one and then two and then I want to work onesingle crochet in my next four stitches and increase nine single crochet a single crochet decrease and a singlecrochet in the last stitch chain one turn your work and now we will begin roweight so again all these rows kind of mirror themselves so this when we startwith a single crochet then we do a decrease work all the way around andthen do a decrease in single crochet at the very end of the row so in our firststitch we work a single crochet then a single crochet decrease and then 24single crochet now I just have three stitches left in the row so I'm going towork a decrease and a single crochet in my very laststitch row nine is going to be really similar obviously we start by chainingone and then turning we're gonna start with a single crochet and then adecrease and then 22 single crochet until we're left with just threestitches in our row and then a decrease and then a single crochet in our laststitch so row ten I will start by chaining one and turn my work in thesingle crochet and our first stitch then a decrease and then I will work fivesingle crochet and then a decrease six single crochet decrease five singlecrochet decrease in a single crochet in our last stitch row eleven I'm justgoing to single crochet across evenly and I have 22 single crochet so now weare on row 12 of course start with a chain one in turn we're gonna start withfive single crochet a decrease eight single crocheting a decrease and then five single crochet tothe end of the row so rows 13 through 15 are going to follow a similar pattern wewill start by chaining one and recognize single crochet in our first stitch thena decrease and then we will single crochet until there's just threestitches left and in those last three stitches we will work a decrease andthen single crochet so we're gonna do is for us 13 14 15 and then fasten off sonow I've worked the heel the last thing I need to do is I'm going to do a singlecrochet border just to kind of round out the edges of everything gonna put slipknot on my hook come down here to the very beginning and I'll go through andI'll go through this stitch along the side and slip stitch it in place righthere and then just along the sides of my rows I'm going to work single crochetstitches so I'm just gonna kind of going along the side try to space them aseasily as you can and just work single crochet stitches try to keep track ofhow many you do on your first shoe so though you can do the same number onyour next shoe but I don't really count as I go along I just kind of singlecrochet along if they're looking kind of bunching like I've got too many I'llspace them out a little further usually I basically just kind of go inbetween every row first I'll put a stitch and every one of these stitchesalong the top here just work a single crochet and then I work right back down the nextside and I will slip stitch it to the next stitch along the edge of our shoealong that base there and then fasten it off so that is the heel of our shoe whatwe have left to do is at this part and add the ties here however I'm playing avery intense game of yarn chicken so I may end up doing my ties in a differentcolor so once move up to this part here so as you may know is I love this a veryflat because I have very flat feet very low-profile feet is what I believe theterm is and of course this cotton the yarn has some stretch to it so if youwant to keep it securely on your foot and you want to do it fairly snug so howmany rows you do is going to depend on how large your feet are but I decided tomake my strap 10 single crochet wide so I'm going to come to this outer side ofmy shoe so if I were working on the right foot I've come to this side sinceI'm working on the left foot I'm coming to this side and I'm going to figure outwhere I want those 10 stitches to be since I've already completed one shoeI'm going to base it off of that and I will put stitch markers where the siteto work so I'm kind of lining it up by the colors here so for me I'm gonna workrolling from here one two three four five six seven eight nine ten and that'show thick my strap will be you of course can make yours wire or narrower justdepending on how you want it to look now I'm essentially going to work abunch of rows of just ten single crochet back and forth so I'm going to put aslip knot on my hook working in just the back loops again I'm going to insert myhook my first stitch pull up a loop yarn over and pull through two to create myfirst single crochet and you can also work over your tails so I'm going towrite ten single crochet until I get to there and then just keep working severalrows so I have matched this shoe to that shoefor me the way I sensed it was I essentially stuck my foot under thereI'll use my hand for illustration pull this side down construction a little bitand thought about how snug and tight that I wanted I wanted it fairly snugbecause like I said I have fairly low profile feet I decided to do twenty tworows of just working ten single crochet back and forth now we do have one lastlittle row to do because if we look at the edge of our shoe here on the insidewe have this extra little triangle piece if you will that doesn't like flat so wecan either attach it and then have it be were feet or we could just crochet inthat shape so the way we're going to do that is we are going to do sixslip stitches and four single crochet stitches now depending on what sureyou're doing depends on whether you do the single crochet or the slip stitchesfirst because it just depends on which way you're facing and you're going onyour shoe on this one we are going to be working up that way so we want to do ourslip stitches here and our single crochet up there we're gonna have mywork facing me so in my very last stitch there I'm going to work a slip stitch back on has my first slip stitch a slipstitch in the next spot for a second one a third slip stitch fourth slip stitch fit slip stitch and six slip stitch andthen in the last four spaces I'm going to work a single crochet so one twothree and four and now all that's left to do is it to attached on this sidebefore I attach it I like to figure out where I'm going to attach my stitchesand I'll kind of compare it to my other shoe again we're gonna haveten stitches to connect to so I like to figure out where those ten would be andMark it just so I can know where exactly I'm working so one two three four fivesix seven eight nine ten and I'm going to slip stitch these together the way Iwanted to do so I'm going to current so my work is like this I'm going to comethrough the back loop that touch the tenth stitch there come through the topof my stitch there and yarn over and pull through everything to work thatslip stitch and sew it through the next stitch along the sole insert through thenext stitch on the sandal strap and slip stitch next stitch in the sole nextstitch on our strap work a slip stitch I'm going to do this along all tenstitches of my sandal strip and across that yarn doesn't actually split thismuch it's just because I'm at an awkward angle crocheting this to get this on thecamera so that's why it looks like this yarn is hard to work with her like Idon't know what I'm doing but I promise I don't normally crochet like this and my last spot here slip stitch ittogether and I like to also slip stitch it to the neck to do a slip stitchthrough the next stitch along the sole just to kind of hold it down reallysecurely and then I'll pull one last big loop through and fasten off so the lastthing we need to do to complete our sandals and obviously we'll need to dealwith weaving in the ends but we also need to make our tie strap now this isall the yarn I have left like this so I'm going to take these ones off and usethis other red color to make my straps this is also I love this cotton yarn byHobby Lobby and quite honestly you can do the straps however you want you coulddo a braid and attach it you could get a piece of ribbon instead of yarn reallyhowever you want to do this I personally like to do my straps with some floatingsingle crochets so that's what these ones over here are they're just floatingsingle crochet stitches excuse me not not floating so crochet foundationsingle crochet stitches if you're not familiar with that I will show you howto do that on this shoe so I'm going to show you how I do it on this side herebut the same process will be done on the other side as well and of course I needto fix this shoe as well we're going to start right here if you're doing thefoundation single crochet tie straps you'll want to start with whateveryou're on you're using and make a slipknot and we are going to put ourhook through the top corner stitch so whatever is the corner stitch of yoursandal put your hook through there and then we'll put the slip knot on our hookside it down and we'll pull that loop through notice first one's gonna be alittle weird and then the rest will get into more the foundation crochet butwhat we're gonna do is in the stitch below insert our hook yarn over pull upa loop yarn over pull through one yarn over pull through to which areessentially the same steps as the foundational crochet but now I'll showyou how we do it when we're working in a previous stitch we're gonna come to thebottom of our previous stitch if you look at the underside is like this Vthere we're gonna go through the bottom of the stitch let's our hook yarn overpull up a loop just through one then we're going to yarn over pull throughone yarn over pull through two I will show you that again in the bottom of thestitch we just completed insert our hook under those two pieces right there yarnover and pull a loop through that stitch yarn over pull the loop through one yarnover pull the loop through two and I have a whole video that explains thisprocess with double crochet stitches I will link it up there in the card butthe same process applies to a single crochet but you can watch that video ifyou want to get a better feel and how to do foundation stitches I'm going to makethese as long as I want so I have enough to tie it around my ankle I'm going todo my tie on this side as well and of course on the other shoe weave it allthe ends and then our shoes will be done hey thank you so much for watching ofcourse if you enjoyed this video let me know and let others know by leaving abig thumbs up also make sure to hit that subscribe button down below somewhereand also hit the little bell icon so you get notified when I post new contentI've got a lot of awesome fall and Halloween and crochet projects coming upso you definitely don't want to miss those I will say that I wore these shoesout and they worked very well and they were pretty comfortable I'm not gonnalie so go ahead and make your own custom crocheted sandals thanksfor watching and happy crafting.