6 Favorite Minimalist Sandals (After 3 Years)

What is up? Chris Cage here, founder ofGreenbelly Meals.

I've been wearing minimalist sandals almost every day for over three years now.

I'm a big fan of these things.

Today I'm gonna talk aboutthe six brands that I've been wearing.

We've got Earth Runner, Xero Shoes, Bedrock Sandals, Luna Sandals, Unshoes and Shamma sandals.

Alright, hopefully myfeet are clean, toes a claim for you.

In no particular order starting off withEarth runners, the Alpha adventure model I love them.

Wore them for about six months.

My favorite thing about these is the canvas footbed.

Super super comfortable.

Minimalist straps make it easy to get in and out of.

Foot just nestles in there.

They do get a little oily from your feet but I noticed that they clean up prettyeasily after a walk on the beach.

now one thing that Earth Runner seems to reallypush is this concept of grounding See this copper plug right here? Supposedly it helps connect you more to the earth.

I don't know any of the science behindthat.

Just something to note One thing that did throw me off about thesesandals was this strap right here by the front toe this thread was a little toughwhen I first got it and left some red marks on my feet after a few days itbroke in fine so not a big deal if it fits and feels great now.

Next up Xero Shoes.

This is the Z-Trail model.

I really love this model.

The Z-Trail are the only shoes on this list with the horizontal non-thong strap.

I did have the Cloud from Xero Shoes which had a much thinner sole and a thong strap.

I really prefer these Much less flimsy My toes don't feel cramped at all uphere The footbed is very very comfortable I love the lip around thisedge right here It seems to help keep debris out more when I'm outside.

Overall, just great lightweight and comfortable sandals One tiny gripe is that thisstrap requires you to really slide your feet all the way up on the sandal beforebeing able to get it on.

Not a big deal.

Just takes an extra second to get that heel strap on.

Next up Bedrock Sandals This is the Cairn modelBedrock's flagship model.

Bedrock is doing something really interesting They're kind of the halfway point between a real thin minimalist sole sandal and a clunky Chaco style sandal.

They've got the thinner sole and zero drop like a minimalist sandal but are much more rugged than anything else on the list and make a really great hiking sandal I've seen a lot of through hikersrocking these guys Their lacing system is pretty unique as well as you can tell No complaints on these at all other than the fact that might be just a hair too heavy.

Again these are designed to be more rugged And that ruggedness comeswith an extra ounce or two Luna sandals.

I believe this is the winged Oso Flacomodel I might be pronouncing that wrong Luna was started by ultra runner barefoot Ted from the famous book Born to Run He really emulated that famous tire with lacing-style look These more than anyother sandal on the list are really designed for running People do someserious running in these things Very well designed manufacturing just feelsreally high-quality lacing is durable and smooth just great sandals Luna doesoffer a lot of other models and styles to look at mainly thinner or thickersoles depending on what you prefer different lacing really to help keepyour heel more secure for those runs Unshoes these are the Wokova model verystripped-down model affordable very nice sandals move well with your feet opennice lacing nice flexibility only little gripe is this inner sole area they'vegot these two laces on the outside and one on the inside and it feels just alittle unbalanced like my foots gonna slide out but not a big deal reallygreat sandals recommend them Shamma sandals last but definitely not leastare these Shamma sandals these are the mountain goatsI probably clocked more time and knees than any other pair on the list at leasta year lots of trails lots of everyday use you can see they're finally startingto split a bit they're light but not too light just a great balance very basicno-frills design which I like super comfortable and easy to take off and ononly din might be the tread the grooves are fairly shallow which in myopinion decreases the life of the sole you can see these are pretty slick nowbut again I've worn the heck out of them and then we have Chacos notminimalist sandals I'm not gonna dog on these I really just wanted to add thesein here so you can compare them to the others on the list these weigh about 36ounces the other models are around 12 ounces so these are literally threetimes the weight you can see how the heels are higher in the back then in thefront this is not zero drop with all of the other ones are which is just not mypersonal preference there you have it my thoughts on minimalist sandals let meknow if you have any questions peace.